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Start Lean - stay strong

A Free Webinar on How to Survive AND Thrive on Your Next Great Adventure - RETIREMENT!

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coming soon...
The "Retirement Readiness Quiz"

If you're 55+, a soon-to-be, newly minted or even 70plus retiree, my new webinar may be of interest to you!

We're deep in the throes of creating a Retirement Readiness Quiz

which will be going LIVE in a mid-August!

So if you'd like to receive it in your inbox, please use the contact me box below to send your email address. 

I also have a Facebook Business Page (and a related Group that's rather quiet right now but will be

ramping up more as training programs and other goodies are unveiled!

Presented by judy marston,
Founder of
legacy sidegigs

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In this webinar we'll cover...

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