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empath careers

for Empaths, INFP/Js & other

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

Life, never mind careers, can definitely be a challenge for the many Highly Sensitive-Creative-Inventive Types.  The term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) was coined by psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron in 1991. I personally identify with the Myers-Briggs Type: INFP/J.  And more recently, the word 'Empath' has consolidated most of the same traits and qualities, offering up an easier reference 'handle.'


There are a lot of career lists out there purporting to 'fit' this group, but I haven't found one yet that has researched or found the new or innovative types of career pathways I have, and which I share with people in this group. 


You likely fall into this zone if you ...

  • ... struggle with feelings of inadequacy no matter how many things you do amazingly well

  • ... find decisions difficult to make, especially when there are a bunch of appealing options

  • ... suffer from a feeling of overwhelm and indecision when it comes to deciding where to go next in your career

  • ... wonder how best to 'sell' yourself for jobs or promotions because you have too many things you are good at and don't want to limit yourself to too few

  • ... you change jobs or interests a lot

  • ... your sensitivity to other’s energies makes it draining to work in open office layouts, especially those with a lot of noise and bright lighting


I could go on and on with even more traits and tendencies common to Empaths, HSPs and those in the INF Myers-Briggs Zone which can make finding satisfying, well-paying careers challenging. My online program has been designed to introduce you to your own specialness and natural gifts/talents, then help you develop them quickly and enjoyably, before launching you forward with a toolbox of marketable and engaging skills that you will be excited to put to everyday use. And employers will be excited to find!


In this hectic and overly-technologized world, our workplaces have become less of a fit for most workers, never mind Empaths. In this program we explore many ways to rise above those limitations so that you can shine as brightly as you were intended to!


  • From the first initial stages of Finding your Fascinators to Identifying & Growing your Personalized Career Vision, then taking the steps to market yourself so employers really 'see' you and recognize your quiet talents.

  • We’ll also inject elements of magic and mystery with realism and good old dedicated action planning to invite the Universe into our manifestation process.

  • All viewed through a career lens, informed and inspired by my decades on this planet living and working consciously as an INFP/J, HSP/Empath.


I hope you’ll be interested in coming along on this exciting journey of discovery together.


My “BIG PICTURE VISION” is to show the world how amazing we are, how many fantastic ideas we have and to help employers find us through this gathering place.


This area primarily speaks to Introverts, because most empaths, HSPs etc. are considered Introverts. However, there are a few Myers-Briggs Types that may THINK they’re extroverts but might discover they are actually introverts. 


(To be explained more in an upcoming blog post!)

Please come visit me at my Facebook Business page and join our Empath Careers Group!

Empath Strengths

  • Teaching

  • Counseling

  • Writing or Communications in general

  • Healing Energy (people often feel better around them)

  • Artistic/Creative Pursuits

  • Seeing Innovative Ways to do, make or improve things

  • Self-Directed

  • Fast Learners (when interested)

  • Blending interests with unique career pathways in which they become specialists or consultants

Empath Joys

  • Learning

  • Helping Others

  • Being Creative

  • Nature

  • Animals

  • Peace & Calm

  • Alone Time

  • Harmony in Relationships

  • Doing Things Differently

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