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build skills


Let me show you how to:

Build Resume-Worthy Skills Employers Love without Spending a Dime

"I've never thought of that."

     I hear this all the time from my clients.

When I brainstorm ways for them to get training and experience that will help them get the jobs they want, without spending much (or often any) money, and while -- whenever possible -- having fun doing it!

The vast majority of my own skills were developed this way, and I continue to constantly learn and grow. Life-long learning to the max!

It's exactly what so many new grads need to elevate their career successes and propel them forward, as they continue to develop!

And it's great for workers of all ages (especially pre-retirees) who want to prepare for a career change or adjustment that's more flexible, pays well and that they enjoy!


It's one of my greatest joys to design strategies to grow your career without having to go back to school and spend a small fortune. 

Get Skills

You can learn anything practically anywhere nowadays.  Online, through volunteering, by doing stuff for yourself or people you know! 

There's no excuse for not taking learning into your own hands!

And it can often cost a whole lot less than going to a traditional school

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Grow Experience

Once you have some freshly minted skills, then you can apply them into getting experience! 

Many work skills, such as coordination, administration, web design & maintenance, project management, writing, and so many others can be put to good use in volunteering, both at work and at play!

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