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MILITARY to CIVILIAN Career Transition

Making the move from a long term military career often requires concerted planning and career re-invention. For almost 9 years, I was the Career Transition Coach/Coordinator for the Canadian military base in Victoria, B.C. and continue to work with many members today.

Translating & Assisting with:

  • Transferable Skills Definition

  • Networking & LinkedIn

  • Career Assessments

  • Government & Civilian Resume Design

  • Interview Preparation

  • Negotiation

  • Future Career Strategy/Development

  • General Transition from Military to Civilian

I bring a unique, in-depth knowledge of the military to the civilian transition process. 

Along with an extensive database of transferable skillsets from numerous military occupations (MOSIDs), I combine my knowledge of the military, with my experience as a civilian recruiter and HR professional, to create marketing materials that showcase military skills in a civilian-friendly way and attract employers you want to meet -- civilian, government, contractors and more...

Testimonials from Military clients:

“Thank You. Friday I handed in the [resume] copy I sent you to the hospital and said that I would be ready for the summer. He called me for a casual position and to work around my schedule. He wants to get me into the system. I bypassed all the other people in his resume file and he doesn't even want to have a formal interview.  I start next week while I'm on holidays.  Thanks again for your help and I'll let you know how things work out.” 

                                                                    --  PO2 Kevin W

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Judy for all the extra effort she went to on my behalf … I had a very short timeline to produce a resume… Judy spent a lot of her own time helping me and I am sure she is responsible for me winning the position.  She was compassionate, extremely professional and took pains to ensure I was well prepared for the interview... I have a great deal of respect for her professionalism and expertise in her field.  She has also helped a few people I know who all spoke very highly of her efforts on their behalf.”    --  CPO2 Al P   

The time and dedication you put into your work to support others is truly admirable. If there is anything I can ever do for you don't hesitate to ask. Again thank you for your time and patience. You are a remarkable person. -- Bob P.

“Judy is very devoted in ... helping out and making sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.  She brings out the best qualities in everyone, when helping build resumes that we can’t even see in ourselves... She is really good at translating our military skills to the civilian equivalence … I learned tons on the interview skills workshop and know what to expect more for future interviews.  Last, but not least, I appreciate the one-on-one resume assistance... Personalized services are always appreciated.”   --  OS Anne-Marie R 

Two thumbs up for Judy! Her counselling helped me enormously. She knows how to put people at ease and give them hope and courage for the next phase in their careers. --  Claude F.

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help.  The SCAN process, particularly your Resume Workshop, helped immensely. I have been hired by Saanich PD and I start on the first of Sept! Awesome work.” --  Lt(N) Stephanie L

You are a joy to listen to as you have such an interesting and bubbly personality and you are very knowledgeable for a civie about military terms and trades. I'm sure to see you again. -- Cheers...Gary V

A lot of this was thanks to your help, I am very glad SISIP had you work with me and set me straight and help me prepare. The job offers that I received all commented on a strong interview and a high confidence level.  -- Steve J.

"The Interview Workshop that I attended was exceptional.  The concept of having real interviewers works very well.” 

                                                                    -- LS Glenda L 

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