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why hire me?

I'm the epitome of a Career Re-Inventioneer

I've walked, talked and lived what I teach!

At the best of times, making a
career change can feel overwhelming
At the worst of times, it can make you feel like
you're navigating through quicksand!

As your Guide, with almost a lifetime of being a Career Changer and Sidegig Savant, I can make your path easier, show you the shortcuts, hold your hand through the scary bits and help you pull yourself up out of the quicksand, should it come to that!


Four years in Recruiting and Human Resources, taught me how to think like an employer.


That, combined with my writing background (novels, screenplays and magazine articles), synthesized to deliver a 1-2 punch that consistently attracts and captures the eye of employers. My unique brand of resume-writing has won hundreds of client interviews in roles for which they often didn't have all the "required" experience, degrees or certificates. 

And frequently, as well, my resumes have secured positions at a much higher level of compensation than the marketing documents the client had been using before! 

True, you may spend a bit more time and money with me at the outset, but the premium quality and personalized approach I deliver while assisting you to meet your career goals will assist you in moving faster and further, while also giving you the tools you need to continue propelling yourself forward on your own.

In other words: You'll be able to take the reins of your own career and keep yourself on track for making future career moves/advances. And, in this day and age of an ever-expanding, precarious or  'gig' economy and looming AI take-over fears, staying alert, nimble and ready to leap on potential opportunities at a moment's notice, only benefits you when you're equally adept at adjusting your own resume while prepping for interviews!

Once I've taught you how to re-invent your 'master' resume, and get you plugged into an easily maintained program for keeping your 'accomplishments' fresh and readily accessible, you'll be like a career ninja -- ready for anything!  

And then the power will be in your hands!  Now and in the future!

what mY clients HAVE SAid...

Just wanted to let you know that I submitted my resume the other day for employment and was called at home very shortly after. They were extremely impressed by my resume and after a 10 minute interview hired me on the spot. I start tomorrow… Thanks again Judy - Cheers, Mike E (military)

You have no idea how much you helped me prepare for this job interview! ...  Judy - I'm so glad I'm working with you. I feel really hopeful about finding something great. For the first time I have the confidence to go out and find something that nourishes me creatively instead of just bringing home a paycheque!  -- EAP

This counsellor is an absolute gem. Upbeat, positive and able to bring loads of insight into every conversation. -- EAP

I think at this point as you kind of indicated in our last conversation, that perhaps your job is done and although I wasn’t ready to let you go at the end of that call, I think I now feel that I can take the reins and start steering. I can't tell you how much my calls with you inspired and motivated me. You gave me practical advice, encouragement and a sense that I could accomplish starting over. I will miss those calls!  -- EAP

Judy is articulate, honest, observant and dependable. Before her consultation I was sending out a resume that would go unnoticed. With Judy’s effective and creative suggestions, after just one session, my resume started landing at the top of the contender piles which in turn had my phone ringing off the hook .I can’t thank her enough for helping me find my dream job. -- EAP

Thank you Judy for helping me create a cover letter and resume that stood out from the rest. I have been invited for interviews from two companies this week that said the layout was the best they had seen. They wondered why others couldn't present the information in the same way. It was easy to read, write and very successful! -- EAP

Hello Judy, I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your assistance in the [two recent workshops]. I am not a natural at this, but with your help I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. ... Keep up the good work with your upbeat and incredibly vivacious personality. -- GH (military)

Judy Marston was amazing! We got right to work on my resume and she made me view things in such a unique way. Everything made so much sense after talking to her. After working with her on my resume, cover letter, and some interview skills, I successfully landed a job in a field that I have always wanted to get into.  --  EAP

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