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My talents

Career Re-Invention & Adjustment includes:

idea generation

For those seeking a mesh of old skills combined with new, I'm an accomplished 'brainstormer.'


I love nothing better than to conceive of and design a fantastic fit for you based on your unique talents, skills and experience!

Self-employment has been part of my own life since I was 15 years old and started making and selling jewelry.  Since then I've always had a "sideline" business and have helped innumerable clients define, design,develop and launch small businesses, as well!


I love helping clients find and implement the reality of a new job/career role that they're really excited about!


I give the same energy and dedication to writing your resume and other documents that I do when writing my own!

I love it when my work helps clients realize they have a lot more to offer an employer (and themselves) than they ever realized.

Building self-empowerment makes my job a truly great one!


My LEGO style resumes have revolutionized both career changers' resumes as well as those seeking promotions! 

HR Managers love them!

This unique approach gives my transitioning and career-adjusting clients more flexibility to apply to a variety of different jobs!


Since I was in HR and recruiting, myself, I know what employers are looking for, so your documents will automatically resonate better to their needs and goals.  


My background and education in creative writing/publishing and graphic arts lend a special something-something to my marketing products.

They still look authentic, like you made them, but they make use of those all important accomplishment statements and demonstrable skills that all Hiring Managers look for.

And they're essential in interviews! Behavioral questions are seeded by great stories and the more you can demonstrate your skills using compelling examples, the more likely you'll be to get the job!

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