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Seeking New Horizons

What's Next?

We’re on the crest of the biggest demographic wave in history:  retiring workers!

This “Grey Tsunami” has already begun and I rarely meet a 'pre-retiree' these days (those with 5-10 years -- at least -- before they plan to fully retire) who doesn't want to continue working to some degree, but in something with a bit more fun, flexibility and a paycheck higher than minimum wage.

Since 2001, I’ve waded in to help thousands of clients aged 45+ move into a variety of different employment options, ranging from:

  • Full-time jobs that they enjoy much more, or which have a lower level or responsibility,

  • Sideline, online or home-based businesses -- some that can travel with them,

  • Self-employment for those wanting to supplement their earnings after 55-65,

  • Consulting, contracting, seasonal or project-based work that allows more time to do what you want when you want to do it!

I’ve even helped them plan what kind of volunteering they’d like to do, which can be overwhelming as there are just so many possibilities to explore! With some even revolving around travel (voluntourism) where you can take off to exciting, sometimes remote locales and help residents improve their communities.


The possibilities are endless and I love being the tour guide that helps my more 'seasoned' clients figure out what their next great career adventure is going to be!

At Home...

Pre-Retirement is a great time to plan for and dream about making a big -- or little -- change in how you earn an income, or downsize to full-time retirement activities.

...or Away!

In a home away from home while you're still young enough to enjoy a fit, fun and free lifestyle!

With passive, part-time or online income, the world of work now offers many new and exciting possibilities previous generations didn't have access to.

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