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judy marston

Career reinvention & "legacy sidegigs" coach 


My specialty is Career Re-Design and Pivots of all kinds, especially for Pre- and early Retirees.  


For almost 25 years, I've helped thousands of clients re-invent their skills, talents and experience into strategic and realistic gameplans that allow them to build a more satisfying, rewarding and, sometimes, just plain "convenient" career trajectory! 


Then I've also help them design highly compelling marketing materials to more articulately answer the 'asks' of jobs and their longer term career goals so they can better manage, maintain and achieve their own long-term career visions.

What's different about me from your average career coach is that I put the same heart and dedication into designing, defining and delivering your career story as I have my own!

And that's what makes my services ... and your results 


... Rise above the Rest!

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